UE4 - AluK Bifolding Doors

I created this video for the brand AluK while working in HolosphereVR. I used the Nvidia’s UE4 build in which they implemented the HBAO and VXGI.

The first still, the lettering and the music was added afterwards by a colleague.

Although UE4 is a real-time engine, I took about 2 hours to render the whole assembling video since it was originally captured in 4k and VXGI is a raytrace method of rendering, which is still very expensive to render in real-time.

I did learn a lot playing around with the different settings that VXGI has and the HBAO did give a very realistic result. It is worth saying that the low-poly models also had a baked AO map, in order to cover the deficiencies of a screen space effect like HBAO.

At the beginning I was using three area lights, which is a feature included in Nvidias UE4 build, but I ended up using a HDRI instead to speed up the rendering process, which gave me a very good result.

AluK provided us with a high poly CAD model which I cleaned and prepared to make it usable in a game engine.