UE4 - The Church of the Light

I developed this project to research UE4 photo-realistic capabilities. The whole project was done in less than a month, and was deployed into both PC and Android, using the latest Vulkan API.

  • Role Everything
  • For HolosphereVR
  • Date Summer 2017

I created everything in this project, from the modelling to the video composing and editing.

This is a recreation of Tadao Ando’s masterpiece. I focused on bringing as close as possible the different materials from the real life references.

In order to achieve such a precise texturing, I created a dynamic material with all the relevant parameters, to help me tweaking it to the finest of the details.

There are only a few materials in this scene, because I wanted to optimize rendering power, and many of the meshes share the same material, but I use vertex colours as a mask for different parameters.

The lightmapping was also quite challenging at first, since it required of a crafty build of all the different meshes. The biggest light-map is 1k, but in the end I didn’t really need many of those.