UE4 - The Doom Lord, Lava Level

I worked on this environment for 4 weeks. I was assigned with the task of creating it from scratch, including the level design white box, following the guidance of the Studio Head.
Some assets like the weapons and the particles were made outside of this 4 week period.

  • Role Environment and Technical Artist
  • For HolosphereVR
  • Date April 2017
  • Software U.E. 4.14, Maya L.T., Substance Suite, Photoshop

I created an in-engine paintable material that allowed me to paint the ground meshes without using the terrain tool.
This material lerped 4 different texture sets using a splash texture. It is usually cheaper to lerp them using vertex colours, but in this case the quality achieved was way better with a splash texture, and I managed to keep the target FPS.
Also, the materials are blended with heightmaps, which helped me to achieve a high level of realism.

Apart from the rocks and the statues, all the props were made by me, including the particles, decals and lights.

I was also the weapon artist of this project, I modeled, textured, rigged and animated both the main pistol and the chainsaw.