These are some concepts I have done in the past, for both professional and personal projects. I really like drawing and imagining new creative spaces and I enjoy a lot doing so. I use different techniques, mostly hand drawing and thumbnailing in photoshop.

  • Role Environment Artist

I did the environment concept of the planet Gravitonium, a savaged paradise wasted by the space pirates and their spaceships, which were concepted by Chris Socratous.

Gravitonium is a very expensive material that raiders extract illegally. This river was on of the few virgin areas that lasted to their atrocities.

This is another environment of the planet Gravitonium, this area was the rocky mountains.

These thumbnails were concepted by me using photoshop’s shape tool. It helped me to quickly concept thumbnails for a futuristic city.

This thumbnails were made in the same way. I created custom shapes and also I downloaded some other shapes for adding detail. Everything was made in photoshop and took me less than 2 hours.

This is a drawing I did few months ago inspired by a boathouse reference I found on the internet.